воскресенье, 21 апреля 2013 г.

Latvia Day at ADA

Thursday, Uldis Villeruss (MADIA 2014), our international student from Latvia, helped ADA students to discover a beauty of the Baltic country.
To demonstrate a singing culture of his homeland, Uldis together with ADA students performed several Latvian songs. Singing is a vital part of Latvian culture which helps to convey values and beliefs of Latvian people.
Thanks to Uldis, we learned many more great facts about Latvia.
The country, which is one of the fastest growing economies of Europe, enjoys a favorable geographical location between Europe and CIS countries.
Photo - Subhi Gasanov
Riga, the capital, was founded in the 13th country and is considered Art Nouveau architectural capital of Europe.
One of the prominent features of Latvia is the highest university enrollment rates in Europe. The majority of students speak 3 foreign languages – English, Russian and German!
At the end of his presentation, Uldis invited students to taste traditional dishes of the Latvian cuisine.
Sariya Hasanova, Azerbaijan Diplomatic Academy, Baku